Meet the Staff

Scott's Bicycle Centre - Doug CoulterDOUG COULTER - Rider in Chief (owner)

Doug bought Scott's Bicycle Centre in 2001, prior to the death of his father, Scott, the shop's namesake. Doug is often in the shop "shootin' the bull" with  customers, and helping out with other various duties and services within the shop. The ultimate utility player, Doug can fill in where necessary, but also takes the "mentor" position, watching his family & staff grow as bicycle industry professionals.

DAVID COULTER - Fit Specialist

David is the Fit Specialist at Scott's Bikes; enabling cyclists to be comfortable and faster on their bikes!  He is shop dog Gretchen's favorite human and is to blame for winter weight gain of all shop employees (He's a BIG fan of anything chocolate and most Little Debbies!) If you have bike fit questions, or any questions about road bikes, this is who you want to talk to!

Scott's Bicycle Centre - Michele DicksMICHELE DICKS - Controller

Michele is Scott's "Controller," handling all aspects of bookkeeping and finances. Michele is also the "real" Director of the Black Bear Rampage and assists David with marketing and other events.

Scott's Bicycle Centre - Josh CallahanJOSH CALLAHAN - Shop Manager

As Scott's Bikes' manager, Josh keeps the team on task, focusing on customer service & product education. He is responsible for product selection, employee management, and assisting customers through the sales process. Josh also assists with complicated bike builds and repairs. Josh has worked for Scott's since 2001. Just as an aside; Josh raced mountain bikes in college. and won a lot!

Kyle Goodloe

Kyle is the secret weapon in our Repair Department!  Coming to us from the Colorado Cycling scene, he has adapted well to Tennessee living and is even picking up the language quickly!  His eagle-eye and attention to detail make him the perfect guy to make your bike hum!

SCOTT COULTER - Founder, deceased

Scott Coulter came to America back in 1963. He loved America, bicycles, Jesus Christ, good food and good friends.

Hank SmithHANK SMITH - All of the above

Hank was a boy scout's boy scout and has been working in the bicycle industry most of his life. His "real" job is as a Bradley County Firefighter (we are told the county firefighters are much better looking than their counterparts in the city), but he fills in at the bike shop in sales, service or wherever we need him. He has a lot of experience with building, fixing and riding bikes, so if you have questions, Hank probably has a good answer!

IAN NEAL - Build & Detail Assistant

Ian works in the repair department; building, washing and detailing bikes. He is easily one of the nicest & most helpful staff members you will meet at Scott's Bikes, and if your bike is in need of some TLC, then Ian is who you want on the job!


Wesley Ennis is the newest member of the Scott's Bikes team, working many positions as he trains to become the best bike man in the South! Wesley has been riding & racing mtn bikes for years, even helping to earn Scott's Bikes the coveted Night Shift Shop Award at the 2015 event!

BRANDAN COULTER - Sales and Information

A dedicated University student, Brandan hits the books by day and the trails by night!  Brandan's primary function at the shop is riding and sales. If you are looking for an elusive part or accessory, Brandan will probably know where it is! Having ridden extensively since he was little, Brandan is able to answer cycling questions regarding children and young people very well!  Brandan will also be able to answer your questions about the latest toys available and how well they work. He works the sales floor and the repair shop as well, but his greatest contribution is keeping us all in stitches!  If you have questions about product or bikes, Brandan can give you good answers and tell you where you can find it!

HENRY TRENT - Mechanic

Henry is actually a popular teacher in Athens, TN, but joins us on his summer break to fill-in as a mechanic and all-around helper at the shop. Henry leads out many beginner rides, having a great reputation for patience and instructing skills. He's a Yeti Bicycles fanatic and is often seen riding single speed mountain bikes. Henry is a fabulous personality to have around, and will quickly become your best friend and most loyal riding partner!

GRETCHEN - Official Greeter

She doesn't know that she is spoiled; she thinks that this is the way life is supposed to be! Gretchen was born on Christmas morning in 2006 just west of Knoxville and has since become indispensable at the shop. If she sits on your foot, she likes you.  If you don't give her part of the Little Debbie you are eating, she will get insistant!