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Rentals & Demos

We understand that buying a bike is a huge investment. Additionally, the bike you love will be the bike you ride - and that's what we're all about: getting folks on bikes enjoying the same sport about which we are so passionate! We offer two options for folks looking to use one of our bikes.

1. Rental: Renting a bike allows you to travel to the trails of your choice, on your own terms, with one of the bikes below. Rent for a day, or multiple days!

2020 Trek X-Caliber 8 Hardtail Mountain Bike ($45/day)

The Trek X-Caliber 9 earns excellent reviews on the MTBR forum and performs like a champ. Travelling bikeless but wanting to rip the trails? The X-Cal is perfect for any of the trails in the Chattanooga & Cleveland areas. Looking to try-before-you-buy? This is the perfect bike to wet your tastebuds, leaving you wanting more! And with a modest MSRP, the X-Cal will give you major bang for your buck!

2020 Trek Top Fuel 8s & Fuel EX 8s  ($65/day)

The Trek Fuel EX 8 is incredibly smooth on the roughest trails, but still climbs like a mountain goat. A bike that is soft, light, and nimble (yes, we said nimble!) - you'll get speed and impeccable handling, all while feeling full-cush as you float over the bumps on the trail. Also great for the trails in Cleveland & Chattanooga, the Trek Fuel EX 8 is a great choice for local rides. We think you'll be blown away too!  The Top Fuel / is faster and more nimble, so if speed is your bag, this is where you will thrive!

2. Demo: Demoing a bike off our rental fleet, or a particular floor model, is an option for interested buyers. It is usually a one-time opportunity, and must occur with a shop employee, generally on a shop-led group ride. While the demo is free, you are often limited in where & when you can test the bike. Of course, being a small business, we pride ourselves in outstanding customer service and flexibility. Always, always give us a call to check your options! 423.472.9881