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Maintenance & Repair

Scott's Bicycle Centre operates a full-service maintenance and repair department. We offer a cornucopia of services and will get you "rolling" quickly - in fact, most repairs have a 24 hour turn-around! We pride ourselves in being one of the quickest, most thorough shops in the area. Check out our most popular packages and services below. If you don't see what you're looking for, call the shop for a quote: 423.472.9881. Note: Prices are for labor only. Parts not included.

Tune-Up Packages

Package features: Mechanic goes through entire exercise bike mechanics making sure it functions properly. If parts must be fabricated or replaced, additional charges will apply.

Single Speed Tune-Up ($49.99)

Single speed and multi-speed bikes aren't created equally - so why pay the same? Get a great tune-up for your simple little machine for less.

Package features: Mechanic checks & properly snugs bolts & adjusts brakes, headset, bottom bracket and cones & all bearings.

First Year Tune-Up (FREE for first year after bike purchase @ Scott's!)

Multi-Speed Tune-Up ($100.00)
Ride with confidence, knowing that every nut and bolt has been checked!  Going fast is important, but how much more so being able to stop?!

Package features: Mechanic checks & properly tensions bolts and adjusts brakes, gears, headset, bottom bracket and cones & bearings in wheels.

Multi-Speed EXPERT Tune-Up  ($150) **BEST SELLER**
The best package for recreational riders that enjoy taking care of their things!

Package features: Mechanic checks & properly tensions bolts and adjusts brakes, gears, headset, bottom bracket and cones & bearings in wheels. Bike is washed and detailed, including degreasing & hand-cleaning the drive train.

Multi-Speed Tune-Up PRO PACKAGE ($200)

Studies show that keeping a clean bike helps components perform better and last longer. Why invest, and then not take care of your bike? It's like never changing the oil in your car. The ultimate package, recommended at least once a year for serious riders and racers.

Package features: Mechanic completely tears down, cleans (using our Sonic cleaner) and re-lubricates your bike before putting it back together with new cables and housing. Wheels are trued. If additional parts (beyond cable and housing) are required, there will be additional costs.

A la Carte

We've compiled a list of our most popular add-on and "a la carte" maintenance services. Of course, if you don't see it on the list, please ask a mechanic for a labor quote. 423.472.9881

Basic Labor & Maintenance

Install Tube and/or Tire $15 each (Ebike is $35)

Adjust Derailleur ($20 each)

Adjust (cable) Brakes ($20 each)

Replace Cables & Housing
Front Brake or Derailleur ($20)
Rear Brake or Derailleur ($20)

Bleed & Flush Brakes & Dropper Post
Hydraulic Only ($25 each)

Wheel True
Standard ($20 each)
Major ($25)
Spoke replacement ($35)

Adjust Headset ($20)

Tighten Crank ($10)

Adjust Bottom Bracket ($30)

Clean & Detail

Clean & Detail Bike ($30)

Sonic Clean Drivetrain ($75) - includes take-off & reinstallation. Our Sonic Cleaner is a cavitational cleaner - the cleanest your toys will ever be! Fluid + bubbles + shake = foam party for your components!


Rebuild Fork; 50 hr ($100-200)

      * seals are priced separately from labor charges.

Rebuild Shock (replace dust wipers)
50 hour rebuild ($50)

Shipment & Travel

Package up Bike ($70) (packing materials included)

Build Bike (request quote)

We attempt to ensure accuracy on this list, but encourage you to verify prices with the Service Writer if you want to be absolutely certain.