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Custom Bike Fit Services

Custom Fit Services

Our Fit Specialist, David Coulter, has been fitting cyclists to their bikes for more than ten years and is quick to identify Michael Sylvester and Jim O'Brien as his favorite Fit Gurus. David places an emphasis on comfort and power output, with an eye toward helping clients dominate & crush the hills of SE Tennessee. His favorite client is a non-cyclist with a ‘typical American’s aversion to stretching and flexibility’. 
“Not enough focus has been placed on fitting cyclists who don’t fit the mold. My goal is to introduce non-cyclists to the world of high performance fitting; allowing them to experience the same benefits normally reserved to the dedicated cyclists.” - David

In addition to setting up your bicycle, David will assess your flexibility and range of motion, identify deficiencies and asymmetries and demonstrate exercises and stretches that will improve your ability to ride more comfortably and with greater power and speed.
We also have a Physical Therapist available for consultation when clients present with issues outside of the norm who can additionally recommend and talk to physicians in the area to address issues requiring a doctor's attention.

If you are experiencing pain, discomfort, numbness or decreased breathing ability while riding, a bike fitting can improve your comfort, abilities and performance on the bike! Be faster, more comfortable and ride with more confidence; call today for an appointment. (423) 472-9881.

We use the Purely Custom Bike Fitting tools to set clients up on their bikes.  The motion capture allows us to obtain more accurate measurements, and Trek's Precision Fit Bike Pro is the perfect platform to quickly perform set-up comparisons to ensure that you have the perfect fit with the most comfort and the highest power output possible on your bike!

Scott's Fit Services

Cleat installation ($50.00)
Properly setting the rotational axis of the cleat is necessary to ensure that a rider does not experience knee/hip pain. Proper cleat placement is impossible to over emphasize; improper placement can adversely affect every other part of your body. (30 minutes)

Custom Bike Fitting ($200.00)

The cyclist is interviewed and examined to determine if and how the client’s history of injuries/asymmetries might affect or limit their position on the bike. The Client is then put on the bike and the bike is adjusted to maximize comfort, aerodynamics, power output and control of the bike. Rider’s goals determine the emphasis placed on the each of the four focuses and help to determine the final fit. Core body strengthening and ham string flexibility issues are discussed and an improvement program is provided for clients who require improvement to maximize their cycling experience. (2 hours)

Custom Tri Fit ($200.00)
Addresses the same issues as a regular bike fit, but also deals with the special tri saddle and aero bar selection and the different hydration options and can take a little longer. (up to 3 hours)