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Tuesday Night Mountain Bike Ride with Scott's

This week's ride is at White Oak Mtn Trails & the Beginner ride is at Johnston Woods In McDonald

Come & ride with wonderful people!
Join us this week at White Oak Mtn & at Johnston Woods to ride the mtn bike trails!  We will meet up at the trails at 6pm (weather permitting). 
If the trails are wet, we do not ride on them.  Riding on wet trails causes the clay to separate from the sand and to wash off the trail, leaving it very susceptable to erossion and degredation.  A trail that has been damaged in this way will need to have extensive labor-intensive work in order to repair it.
If you are a beginner rider and want a careful course to begin on, we recommend starting on Johnston Woods as it is a True Beginner Trail.
All trail rides are 'No Drop" rides, meaning that no rider will be left alone on the trails.  It is incumbent upon the individual rider to ensure that they are riding with an appropriate group; shop personnel will assist the riders in selecting the group that best matches their trail skills and aerobic abilities.